Today is all about moving you in the right direction with by establishing your domain specific email address. This is very important because many affiliate programs require you to have a domain specific email address.

YOU tell me, what looks more professional?

See the letter is way better and more attractive than the other one. Now that you have your own domain name, it is very easy to get up and running with your own domain specific email address and in today’s lesson we are going to be walking through the process.

Here is a walkthrough video talking about this very subject.

TASK 1: Set up an email account or forward
Set up either our own email account (hosted in Wealthy Affiliate) or creating a mail forward.
My own email account is

My mail forward would look the same, but I would choose a personal email account to forward to

TASK 2:Incorporate It Into Your Website

Update your privacy policy and any other pages that require you to have an email address on them. Here is an example of an updated privacy policy:

TASK 3: Post Your Website For Feedback

Your website should be looking pretty good. One thing that you are probably wanting I s some feedback on your website and today you can get that feedback through our fellow members in Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a discussion that you can turn to to get feedback to your site:

DISCUSSION: Please Give Me Feedback on My Website

It’s always cool to get feedback from a set of fresh eyes. Someone might catch something you missed while you were proofreading or updating your website. You also can offer insight to other people’s blogs and websites as well by giving feedback as well. 

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