It's easy to get a little flustered and overwhelmed when trying to run a blog and come up with good content, wouldn't you agree?   It's also safe to say that organizing your blog topics is one of the more challenging aspects when talking about blogging, especially when you have multiple blog topics you wanna get out there within a particular period of time   It's been proven that the more organized you are with your blog, the more success will have in the long haul. on the other hand, if you keep winging your blog content, then you will less likely be able to communicate effectively and get more followers. In order to avoid this hang up, let's explore a quick and simple method of organizing blog topics.  

Prioritize content

All successful bloggers will tell you the same thing, set a schedule for posting your most important and relevant content so you can make room for your valued content.   For example, each day you can post current events, a quick how to articles, etc. You would post 10-20 of these blog posts within a day or two. This would also be your filler content for the week. After you have created your filler content, you will be creating your value content.   Value content is your most detailed, and most extensive content. This is content you will be carefully preparing for a week, Two weeks at most.   Here is what your schedule would look like.

 3-4 hours preparing your filler content for the week
 1-2 weeks preparing your value content.  

The Bloggers who follow this simple formula are the ones that always seem to look like they are just putting out great content everyday.   Planning and prioritizing your content means you're serious about your blog and online business.

 I wonder how beneficial this method will be for you and your blog.   Everyone wants to work efficiently and have lots of blog traffic.I don't know anyone who would say otherwise. You're going to have to become friends with organization in order for you to be successful with your blog posts.

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