Do you have an idea of what you want your brand to resemble? Will you use a logo? Will you use your own personal image? Do you know which color palette you want to use? These are just a few of the fundamental aspects of branding we will be looking into. You don't need any hypnotic tricks, weird colors or special slogans. You must start with the fundamentals. The simpler your brand is the better.

Planning your brand delivery

According to branding experts, 45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it. You have to ask yourself, how do I want to present my brand to people? Do you want to use a logo or do you want to use your own profile headshot? If you use your own headshot, make sure you have a decent professional picture of yourself.  

Logo development

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. You only need to look through a couple of places for your logo. Envato.com and fivver.com. let's start with envato. This place has all sorts of options when it comes to graphics, website templates, logos and more! As you navigate through the site, you will notice many logo options. You can go on fivver and hire someone to build a logo for you for $5. You just need to be able to efficiently describe or display a drawing of provider some type of reference for the designer.  

Color scheme

As you build your brand from scratch, you will need to cost your open color scheme. Visit colorpalettes.net to get color scheme ideas. It's very important, when selecting your color, that you gather the color palette number so you can stay consistent with your color scheme.

Putting it together

You will need to put these developments together so you can have a winning combination. I should have mentioned earlier that you should come up with your color scheme first before you start building your logo so you can bring them together. You've learned how to get your logo aery up, you picked your color scheme and you are going to use them for your social media accounts and website. After you build your logo and color, you will begin building your brand message.

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