There are a lot of tutorials out there that over engineer the blog building process, but the fact is, it's easier to build a blog now than in recent years. You have many sites you can explore. But there are only three sites you need to look at. Blogger, tumblr and site rubix.   You want to carefully select your blogging platform because this will be your home base for editing your layout and posting content. Things will be very difficult for you if you just up and change your mind on a blogging platform 20 blog posts later.   You want to choose a platform that have all the essential plugins, features and tools for you to work efficiently in case you need to make small changes all the way up to drastic changes.


the site is owned by Google. It's great for first time bloggers to get their get wet. If you have a Gmail account, you have a blogger account. All you gotta do is simply login and start blogging. I know you have a lot of ideas of what you would like your blog to look like. And I'm sure it will involve some sort of customization.   This is where the a problem could potentially show up. If you want to just throw a blog together and post a bunch of stuff, then blogger is right for you. However, if you're looking to make money with your blog, then you may want to consider more options. The more options you have the better, right?  


This is another good site if you want to practice being the hang of blogging. The good thing about Tumblr is the social element. You can connect with people and get plenty of readers. None the less, I wouldn't invest time and money into a tumblr blog unless you are using it for something very specific. For example, there are a lot of teens using Tumblr so if you have content or a product catering to teens then you are in the right place. As for any other type of content or product that isn't teen friendly, you may not benefit ask that well with Tumblr even though it's a very powerful social blogging platform.  

Site Rubix

This platform is powered by WordPress. What this means to you is, you don't have to spend a close to $100 per month just to run a blog. That's not a great price to pay for a blog starting from the ground floor. Since you would be going through site Rubix, you won't have to go through all of that. All you need to do is sign up and choose from a selection of 2000 website templates. You can also set up your domain name and your email business email address as well. The email address is important so you can separate all your personal affairs from your business affairs.   What's great about this platform is the community element. You can get help from community members and you also can get help from the owners of the site as well through the chat feature.   In an online business sense, this is the best and most versatile platform you will find. If you don't like a template, you can simply change it. If you don't like a plugin or tool, you can simply adjust seamlessly. And the best part is, you can create your first blog for free!   Domain You can connect your domain to your blog, or you can create a domain name in the platform. It's been proven that a domain name increases credibility online. This means people will take you more seriously when they see your domain name and it will prove easier to remember your brand with a domain name.

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