Expert bloggers will all agree and tell you that content is the most important part of your blog. Without great content, you will have a dead blog.   If you watched the last video about planning your blog topics and your content, you should know exactly what you're going to write. You also should have a schedule for content distribution.   Everyone wants to have a great blog, and good content will help get you there. Blogging experts have proven that bloggers who plan their blog posts efficiently are able to not only put out great content but they are also able to put out consistent content. Every successful blogger who put out great content follows two simple steps.  
  1. Daily content
  2. Value content
  The daily content is small how two videos, tutorials, and news stories. I've noticed bloggers who schedule their daily content ahead of time leave room and time for creating value content.   Value content is your big giveaway. With value content, you can create a huge detailed extensive blog post about a particular subject. For example, you can create extensive value content about Facebook marketing. With value content, you can display all your knowledge on a particular subject. On average, you will be preparing your value content monthly. At least one or two value posts per month is ideal.  Your daily content acts as your filler content while you build your value content. The more value content you posts the better response you will receive from your readers.

 I wonder what type of value content you can come up with for your blog.   Everything about your content development in the beginning will be about you making a first impression. I know you want your blog to make the best impression online and adding valuable content will help you get there.

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