Everyone knows how important a brand is. That's what separates all these companies from one another. This is also how you connect with your favorite brands. No one is exempt from having a favorite brand. Just look in your fridge, closet, and your driveway and everywhere else in your home… all these items represents a brand.   The same connection you have with the brands in your home, your blog audience can have with you. Regardless if you're using a logo or your face, you need to figure out what your brand's personality is so you can connect with people who best resemble that style.

 As you build your brand, you will notice how simple and seamless the process is. it doesn't take that much to establish yourself as a brand. When you think about it, we are all living, breathing brands representing our family's name, legacy and heritage. Think about the last name you carry with you. You may or may not notice that you're always aware of how you represent that name and the values that best resemble that name. This is the general thought process you must carry over into your online brand.

Build your logo

Everyone considered themselves an unique individual on a general human level. However, there are many bloggers and people in general who downplay this fact when it comes to online branding. Listen, your logo, if you should decide to build one, is what makes you and your message unique. Your logo represents a culture. It's your job to establish whatever culture you want people to get behind.   If you didn't see my video about planning your branding method then you should go there and watch it. In that video, i mention two places you can find logos, envato.com and fivver.com. both sites have their benefits. Explore both sites and see which one is the best fit for your grand brand. Should you have any trouble with your logo development, you should know that studies have shown that logos with a bright colored circle typically draw a lot of attention. So you can consider that as an option. Once you have come up with your logo idea, you can move into color palettes.  

Build your colors

You may post may not know that colors play a very pivotal role in your brand. You want to select the right colors that best resemble the mood and tone of your brand. Again, on prior videos I mention the site colorpalettes.net. This site gives you an overall visual of what certain colors look like in context. When you have selected your colors, make sure you copy and paste your color number so you can show consistency when uploading your logo to social profiles and your blog.

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