This is a profit hack that I learned from the book, Profit Hacking: The Web Entrepreneur’s 3 Part Formula For Maximizing Success. It goes like this….   There are three levers that you can pull to grow your profits…..  
  1. You can get more TRAFFIC
  2. You can CONVERT
  3. You can improve your ECONOMY to earn more money per buyer
  That’s pretty much it. Any tactic or strategy you can think of falls into one of those three categories. These three leverage points compose the three pillars of the profit hacking formula:
T x (C x E) = R
Traffic x (Conversion x Economics) = Revenue
This formula is the very thing that makes profit hacking possible. Ask any martial arts master and they’ll tell you that the path to mastery isn’t doing 1,000 things once or twice each but rather focusing on a small number of things, the fundamentals, and doing them thousands of times. Bruce Lee himself said, “I do not fear a man who has practiced 10,000 kicks. I fear a man has practiced one kick 10,000.)   Profit hackers don’t practice 10,000 marketing techniques. Profit Hackers practice the three pillars of the profit hacking formula 10,000 times. And that’s why they are successful.

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