My simple answer is: Blogging is for everybody. Some so called experts say that blogging is for somebody who is good in a particular field or knows in depth about a topic but I think otherwise. They who are master of a specific topic might find continuing with their blog very easy, as the will not take much time in writing posts for their blog but I still think it is equally easy for everybody else.   The types of people who blog:
  1. People who do it for fun
They are in most cases expert in a topic and just want to get some attention by sharing their knowledge and experiences. They do enjoy blogging a lot but don’t pay much attention towards earning with their blog.  
  1. People who earn money
They are in most cases not expert at what they blog about. They do make money but they don’t enjoy blogging about the topic they are not very familiar with. Of course this is very subjective. There are plenty of people who make money blogging about what they are passionate about. I am just talking about those who are into industries like Affiliate marketing. Usually with affiliate marketing, you are blogging about something that you aren’t too knowledgeable of or you are just blogging about something that people may be drawn to and not necessarily about what makes you happy.    
  1. The Expert
This is the person who is taking their passion or knowledge and turning it into an online business. They create a blog, enjoy writing posts about something they know well and at the same time earn from it. You can’t say who earns more or has a better chance of income because internet marketing is as unpredictable as weather. However, you can choose any topic of the above mentioned ways to start your blog. To check if you can be good at blogging see the following conditions.   Qualities of A Successful Blogger You can be a successful blogger for any of the below mentioned ponts:  
  • Do you have a hobby which you are really good at and you can guide people in it?
  • Are you intelligent and a good enough writer to write informative articles on any topic you choose?
  • Are you very resourceful and can outsource the work of writing articles or any kind of content (audio and video) which you can then put up on your blog?
  If you can’t answer any of the above mentioned questions YES then you might ifnd blogging a little difficult in the longer run but still not impossible. You can also learn good writing skills along the way and become expert in a new topic gradually. What you must have for blogging is the following two things:   Desire To Learn This is the first thing that one must have in order to start a successful blog. There is no way you can succeed without it. I suppose you already have this quality or you wouldn’t be reading this post. You will encounter several new things which you will have to learn in order to create your blog, put it live on the internet and then make it even better form time to time.   Patience Most of those who want to try blogging succeed in starting their blog but fail in continuing with it. Creating a blog is technical while continuing with it is difficult and requires nerves. People want to see success right form the day they complete making their blog but when they don’t see any good signs they get demotivated and abandon it. Blogging requires patience and success for time and effort.

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