How To Start A Fashion Blog For Free Here is the thing ladies and gents! You have to treat your blog like a business. The only reason why major blogs, like Blonde Salad, are so successful is because they are taking their passion seriously. They didn’t just wake up one day and say….hmmm….let’s start a blog. More than likely, most of these people had a connection with the industry as a model themselves or they are infatuated by how that world works and they are very well connected to that way of life. Even if someone did wake up one day and told themselves they wanted to start a blog, which I doubt, there had to be a particular type of mental approach to creating a Fashion Blog. fashion blogs Why Do You Want To Start A Fashion Blog? This is the question of the day. You need a vision in order for this to work long term. If you are thinking short term like thinking about making a quick buck or thinking about starting out with basic clothes in your closet, then you are going to have a very short career in Fashion Blogging. What you should do is discover certain niche subjects that other fashion bloggers aren’t focusing on or are neglecting altogether. For example, maybe your blog can primarily focus on hats, boots, shoes, skirts, dresses, pencil skirts, scarves, etc. Try and find out which subjects other fashion bloggers are failing to focus on or are forgetting about and focus on that. Maybe you’re into the history of fashion. Whatever the case is, you have to figure out why you are starting the fashion bog in the first place. are you a fashion blogger What Will Be Your Focus? Just as I mentioned above, you will need to figure out your format and outline for delivering effective content. In order to be successful in that light, you need to figure out which part of the industry you want to focus on….This usually consists of something that you are highly knowledgeable of. It makes no sense to focus on a subject in fashion and you don’t know anything about the subject you are focusing on. You will definitely have a short blogging career if you don’t know what you are talking about. Especially on a very visual subject like fashion. Are You Passionate About Fashion? I should have mentioned this in the beginning but passion is essential for you to be successful at anything. The difference between you and large fashion bloggers is simply passion. All you need is just as much passion, if not more passion, than the big fashion blogger. fashionblog panel FYI: It’s not necessary to think of blogging as a competition, but to think of it as a platform for expressing passion. Again, you might be more passionate about a certain subject in fashion but not in another. Figure out where you are most connected and focus on that aspect of fashion. Otherwise, you will be spinning your wheels trying to keep up with the big fashion blogger. Just focus on your passion and you will be fine.   What Is The Best Blogging Platform? This is a touchy subject because you have so many ways to start a blog, it’s crazy. You can use several platforms or you can build a blog from scratch….which is not the most recommended method. Here are a few free blogging platforms to use…. Note: If you are really serious about starting a fashion blog, then you will want to join this community to learn how to build and promote your blog today! Blogger and Tumblr are two of the most popular platforms to use when starting out. They are the easiest to use and are really good with ranking on Google and Bing. tumblr blogger The only caveat to starting a blog for free is you won’t have your own registered domain. You will eventually need to pay for a domain name when you want to take your blog to the next level. Domains aren’t expensive at all. Most domain names cost around $10. Conclusion The fact that you are here reading this article tells me that you are pretty serious in finding out how to start a fashion blog. Blogging isn’t as hard as most might make it look or want you to think, all you have to do is start one and start typing. Once you get going, everything will start to make sense to you….all you have to do is start and you can start Now……

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