1.  What Do You Like/Love
The main thing that everyone needs to understand is, you have at least like what you are writing about on your blog. If you are love what you are writing about, then you are ahead of the game. But you need to at least “like” what you are writing about. Otherwise, you are going to fall to the wayside because you are going to get bored or tired of the topic you are writing about.   Even if you are blogging just to make money through Affiliate marketing, you still need to find topics that you care about. There are many products, digital and physical, that can pay you a lot of money. It’s just matter of you putting yourself in position to promote these particular products.  
  1. What niche do you want to talk about
Selecting a niche is very important because you want to reach a market in various ways online will not only cater to the overall industry market, but will also separate you from the generic information being distributed on the internet. If you love talking about music…..instead of talking about music in general, or talking about the most popular genres like pop music, Rap music, or R&B, you might want to talk about genres like electric jazz, electronica, acid jazz, old school hip hop, big band, etc. This is generally the idea with any industry. Think of niches as genres in an industry so to speak.  
  1. Finding something to promote
As you are building your content for what you want to talk about, you will need to find a product, create a product or provide a service that is associated with your blog topic. This is why it’s best to start a blog that you are knowledgeable of and have a liking or a passion in. Getting a blog helps you establish a place for these products you are promoting. You can use a number of places to find products to promote but two of the most common are Amazon and Clickbank. These two are places you can find products to promote and make money from.   Amazon has an affiliate program called amazon associates. You can start an account for free. Desktop 3-23-2016 10-42-38 PM-668   Clickbank is a digital marketplace that sells digital products like ebooks, lessons, and software. You can sign up for free with Clickbank as well. But you don’t want to just slap your affiliate links on your blog just yet because you have to establish your content first. Desktop 3-23-2016 10-45-08 PM-760
  1. Establish Content
As you build your blog, you have to establish your content so that you can have something of value ready on your blog. You don’t want to spam your own full of affiliate links that don’t have any substance just yet. Your content helps establish that substance. It doesn’t take much for you to establish that content. You can start with just 10 blog posts and work from there.  
  1. Layering Affiliate Links
Having affiliate links on your site should be seamless and not invading. There are a couple of ways you can layer your affiliate links. You can post them in your blog as hypertext….. hyptxtlink   You can also post your affiliate links as hyperlinks in images. If you post a compelling image within your blog, you can make it clickable for people to visit the affiliate site. You can list your affiliate links as a reference list in the side bar of your blog so people can reference them whenever they want.  
  1. Establishing Your Brand
When you create your niche blog, you have to establish yourself as a brand. I know there are a lot of tips and lessons out there either brushing over this or totally overlooking this because they may not understand the branding process themselves. However, you must brand yourself in order to separate yourself from the rest of internet. This process doesn’t have to take a long time. This could be anything; a quote, a saying, slogan, logo, colors, etc. You don’t have to do too much just to separate yourself, but you need to do something that will let help people distinguish you away from another blogger in the same industry or niche.  
  1. Social Media Accounts
Believe it or not, you don’t really need to have a lot of social media accounts just to be effective online. You need to choose one social media account that you know a lot about or are frequently on and use that as your main source of social traffic. After that, you need to find a secondary source of traffic such as Pinterest, to use as your secondary source of referral traffic to your blog. It doesn’t make any sense to use a social network that you aren’t going to be on that often or at all for that matter.    
  1. Optimizing your social profiles
This just simply means that you have to use certain keywords that are associated with your topic niche. If you are talking about Jazz Fusion under “music” then you have place jazz fusion keywords in your profile and social posts so it will be easier for people to find your blog.   You don’t need any fancy words or any fancy “longtail” keywords, you just need to have certain keywords that are associated with your profile. This process also includes you linking your blog to your profile as well.  
  1. Building your network
You will need to start building your social network some kind of way. You can start adding friends or start following people depending on the platform you’re using. For example, if you are using Pinterest, then you can simply start following people…..you can follow up to 300 followers at a time….people will begin to start following you back….You don’t really need to follow that many people on Pinterest just to start seeing activity. Facebook is a different animal as well as Twitter. But it’s generally the same principle. You have to follow people who are interested in the same information you are interested in or information you are outright providing.  
  1. Online Advertising
I am a huge believer in paying for traffic that is in the same niche as you are in. If you can target people who are looking for what you offer through the search engines. So you can promote through Bing Ads and Google Adwords. You also can advertise on Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and Pinterest as well. These are all great sources of traffic. However, they have their own process so you will need to be sure and make it a point to learn how to use these platforms appropriately so you can have a chance at reaching these markets.   Here are some videos you can watch to learn how to advertise on Google, YouTube, and Facebook.   http://geekhibrid.com/youtube-ads-overview http://geekhibrid.com/how-to-use-google-display-network-part-1 http://geekhibrid.com/facebook-ads-overview   If you want to be successful online and reach your goals through the internet, then you will need to join a community that will help you get there. Join our community so you will have a chance of making money online. Image and link here

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