A Niche Blogging isn’t really a difficult process. It’s all about having a process to follow and a system to follow at the same time. The more consistent you are, the more likely you are going to see success. The bottom line here is you have to know which niche market you are going to occupy and leverage that niche. It’s always easier to focus on a niche than a full industry.   For example, instead of just talking about baby clothes, you can create a blog surrounded around baby costumes, like animal costumes or other costumes and post images and post videos showing people how cute babies look in their costumes. This is what we call a niche.   Knowledge When you create a blog, you, of course, need to have extensive knowledge on what you are talking about. Otherwise, you will have a hard time creating blog posts. However, if you want to write about a profitable niche but you don’t really have much knowledge in that niche, then you can do a simple trick that Geek Hibrid uses all the time. You can buy an ebook on Amazon talking about that niche. Most of these books don’t cost any more than $1-$10. The cheapest books are packed with a lot of information.   All you do is go to Amazon.com, type in the name of your niche in the search bar under "books" and click on the book that best suits the information you're looking for. Amazon trick What you would do is simply take the content and paraphrase it on your blog. You can write one chapter in the book per day, or you can write full tutorials and give full lessons on the subject you are writing about from the book.   Domain Name Your domain name shouldn’t be long. You don’t necessarily have to use keywords in your domain, unless you are trying to rank on a particular keyword phrase. Even then, you might want to use a keyword phrase that’s too long because people won’t be able to remember that URL or you run the risk of them spelling it wrong in the browser.   What you want to do, first and foremost, is use a unique name for branding purposes. Your brand is very important, especially if you are an authority site. Even niche sites have branding opportunities if you are doing things correctly.   wa domains Domain Comparison WA domains is great place for beginners because you won’t have to worry about getting upsold at any point. In fact you can set up your first website for free. That’s always a great deal for beginners who are getting into blogging for the first time. Hosting Account Hosting is very important when it comes to your blog. This is where your content actually resides. Without hosting you don’t have a functioning website. You just have a ghost town. Web hosting companies not only provide you some space to host your website, they also provide lots of other features with their hosting plans such as regular backups of your website, firewall protection, technical support, FTP access, email services etc. These services vary from host to host. There are two different types of web host companies, free ones and paid ones.   Online Support You need all the support you can get online. That means joining a community that will be sure to help with any questions and/or concerns and training you may need to find out the information you need to help your blog grow to new heights.   The more support you have, the better your chances of gaining success with your blog. Support should also be free. There are couple of places you can go to get support to help you get going online…..   Overall, these the basic essentials you need to be really successful with your blog. Everything else are just added to your blog. Remember, you can’t gain traction or momentum without the basics. community

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