Getting blog traffic can be a little trivial sometimes. That’s why it’s important to come up with a strategy that only focuses on traffic generation techniques that best suit what your blog and your brand. There are way too many ways to get traffic. But these ten ways are the ones you should be focusing on especially if you have a young blog.  
  1. Start Small: Facebook Friends
If you are a young blog and you need people to know that your blog exists, then you can start with your friends and family on Facebook. This a sure fire way to gain exposure….But you don’t want to just plaster your link in your timeline. You need to be strategic.
  • When posting on Facebook, post only content that you know people naturally gravitate to….quotes and memes are great ways to get exposure to your blog because you can add your link to the images. You can also tag people into your images and posts. So make sure you tag as many people as you can when posting to friends and family. What this does is gets you in front their friends and family as well.
  1. Joining Facebook Groups
This is another way to gain some exposure and get in front of people….you can join a group that is associated with your niche…You will apply the same method as number one. Just post things that people naturally gravitate to through the Facebook groups. When you post a status update in a group, group members receive a notification. So imagine thousands of people getting a notification from your group post. This is, of course, if the group allows members to post in the group.    
  1. Pinterest Pinning
You can join Pinterest and get organic traffic by creating a board and adding pins. What his does is create exposure to the Pinterest galaxy and people will save your pins as well as re-pin your pins. There is also potential for gaining website visitors to your blog when you leave a link on the content your pinning. Pinterest is a very well-known platform for sharing content in the user base but there are still many marketers who are not really getting too hip to it so you definitely want to take advantage of the traffic potential of Pinterest.  
  1. Twitter Search
You can use the twitter search bar to reach people who are having conversations about your niche. If you can get directly in front of these people then you will be able to at least create an opportunity to get traffic to your blog. Desktop 3-22-2016 9-12-47 PM-591 Desktop 3-22-2016 9-15-03 PM-601
  1. Instagram
Instagram is getting more and more hot by the day. With mobile turning into the main platform for communication. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat is catching stride mobile wise. This leaves more opportunity for marketers to reach their demographics.   The best way to reach people on Instagram is to post engaging images. You don’t want to post anything about your products or services just yet. You have to fill in your account with images that are appealing. Images like quotes, memes, and short videos are a great way to gain traction. You might want to post about 20-30 popular images, and then you can little by little add your brand into the mix. Using has  
  1. YouTube Videos
Creating YouTube videos is a great way to get traffic. The main thing here is to do extensive keyword research on which keywords are good for your video so you can get seen in the search results. YouTube search is the second largest search engine online behind Google. You can use the keyword planner in Google. It’s a good resource but it can get a little too much for some people…. Geek Hibrid personally uses Wealthy Affiliates Keyword research tool because it’s simple and has even more accurate results.   Desktop 3-22-2016 9-19-24 PM-227.   Once you get your keywords together, you can use them in your videos title and in the description as you are describing your video. You can place your link in the description to get plenty of traffic as well as backlinks.  
  1. Reddit
Like Pinterest, Reddit is a very under the radar platform when it comes to online marketing because there really aren’t many marketers really giving Reddit any thought. Reddit receives at least 1million unique visits everyday! This is very good if you are trying to tap into a site that has plenty of traffic coming in. The reason why marketers usually stay away from this site is because they really don’t understand the environment of Reddit. It is a very unique place to visit but you have to use the platform to really get a feel for what is going on within the site and what the top niches are. Desktop 3-22-2016 9-32-25 PM-151 Paid Traffic
  1. Pinterest Ads
Pinterest just recently unleashed their Pinterest ad feature on the platform and this is going to be very powerful for online marketers. These ads consist of two different campaigns: Engagement and Site Traffic. These two have their advantages….if you are going for a branding campaign then engagement is always great. If you are going for sales and website traffic, then the site traffic campaign is obviously most suited.   Desktop 3-22-2016 9-34-35 PM-542
  1. Facebook Ads
Facebook has a slew of ways to gain exposure through its platform. However, depending on what you are promoting, typically you only need two different ways to advertise on Facebook. Post engagement and Facebook likes. These two are very dynamic but it dramatically depends on your campaign strategy. If you are looking for more brand exposure while gaining a following then a Page Like campaign is in order. However, if you are offering a discount that is time sensitive or you are offering a contest of some sort, then you can use the post engagement campaign….this ad will show up in people’s news feed seamlessly. Desktop 3-22-2016 9-37-14 PM-387  
  1. YouTube Video Ads
This is also a very dynamic way to get traffic. You would be running your campaigns through the Google Adwords platform. There are two different campaign options you can use….You can promote through YouTube search or you can promote through “Truview” which is promoting directly to people watching videos online…..you can promote through both methods to split test Desktop 3-22-2016 9-40-31 PM-956 All of these methods are great if you have the right strategy and the knowledge to know exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish online. You can’t just post things and walk away…you need a plan and you can revolve your plan around these ten options and see which one of these do you justice.

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