How many sites do you know of that will help you build a blog, connect with other skilled marketers and get extensive promotional tips and recommendations online? I bet you can't think of any right now. Well there is one site online doing this and it's helping people create an online income with free education and connections with other skilled marketers online. Imagine a site that's a combination of community with blogging and online promotional training.That's what what wealthy affiliate is all about. And today you're going to discover exactly how wealthy affiliate can help you get educated, create your blog and reach your audience   Topics: community Training Blogging platform


Wealthy affiliate is the only community based blog training platform on the internet. This is because they have a social network element to the platform. When you join wealthy affiliate, you will be able to connect and add skilled marketers to your network. This will enable you to ask questions and gain basic knowledge on various topics. You will also be able to read other people's blogs and gain knowledge as well as get community feedback on your progress with your blog. As you navigate through the community, you will expose yourself to a wide variety of people from all walks of life ready to help you move in the right direction with your blog. You can also connect with Geek Hibrid in the wealthy affiliate community and ask me as many questions as you want about wealthy affiliate.  


Have you ever noticed how online marketing tanning sites claim to teach you how to promote your blog but it's over complicated, or you have to figure out the rest on your own after paying $50 to for the training? Wealthy affiliate has a very basic innovative easy method of getting your blog of to a fat start. Once you join wealthy affiliate, you will be training on the following lessons  
  1. Getting started: planning
  2. Build your own traffic producing website
  3. Mastering social engagement
  4. Achieving master content creation
  5. Make money with all combined
  You will also learn standard classroom training that focuses on topics such as   Web development and programming SEO Video marketing Social engagement and marketing Everything WordPress Keyword niche and memory research And 7 more topics Wealthy affiliate has the best online training regiment online period.

Blogging platform

Anyone who has a blog knows how frustrating it can be trying to run it smoothly and successfully. Trying to understand hosting, domains and website building can be very troublesome if you don't have the support you need to push through those rough patches. Wealthy affiliate not only provides a support system for you, but they have their own self hosted blogging platform. Think about that for a second, you're joining a site that not only provides free extensive training along with a community but they provide you with all the tools needed to build a blog from scratch without going through all these separate channels in order to do so. The platform is called site rubix. It's powered by WordPress and you can select up to 2000 unique blog themes. You will also set up your domain and your custom email address as well. When you set up your blog, domain name and email address, then you will be able to login and simply check your blog's progress and make necessary updates and changes to the blog within the platform. I wonder if you're able to see how wealthy affiliate is able to help you build your blog, and teach you how to reach your audience. It will be in your best interest to look into wealthy affiliate and start building your blog today.

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