Getting traffic from Google drastically depends on how you are promoting your blog and how you plan on obtaining leads form Facebook. There are ways to get leads and traffic without paying for it and there are ways to get traffic by paying for it. We will explore both in this article. First free ways.    
1. Tagging Friends I am going to assume that you that you have a relative amount of friends online and you know them pretty well. It is essential for you to know your audience very well let lone the people you are going to tag in your friends list. You can tag images and videos on Facebook. You can also tag people to videos and images on your Facebook page. if you have a video that is talking about something emotional or something funny, then you will have an easier time reaching out to your people. You never want to tag people to anything that is promotional...like a product plug or service. You want your engagement to be very natural. Tagging is a very serious thing. You only get one chance to make things right, so to speak, as you are tagging people to certain content. You also want to make sure you understand the type of person you are tagging. If you are tagging people to images and videos that may be a little disturbing to your mother, then you may not want to tag your mom to that particular image. So it's about appropriation.    

2. Joining Groups This still works by the way. I know this was some thing was very popular at one point but somewhere fell to the way side as other forms of marketing started to sprout up. People are still joining groups and are still actively involved. Just simply type in the name of your niche in the search bar and look for groups that occupy that niche. Join the group and once again, don't start throwing links around. Start interacting with people within the groups and start to build conversations and relationships with them. Also post informative posts and interesting content. Then slowly but surely, begin to add valuable content in the group linking to your blog. You could get some hits to your site that way. Keep in mind, whatever you post in the group will show up in the notifications of the members. So you are reaching quite a bit of members if you join a group with 10s of thousands of members in it.  

 3. Set up a personal profile I know that Facebook is hip to people trying to set up personal accounts with nicknames, logos and brand names, but you can still use a personal profile if you don't use it like a "Facebook Page" This simply means that you are going to have to use your face and your name as the face of your brand. If you are selling a physical product or a brick and mortar business, then you will have to just suck it up and build a Facebook Page. The main benefit of using a personal profile is you stand a better chance of reaching everyone in your friends list as oppose to getting a bunch of Facebook page likes and only reaching 10% of those followers(because Facebook is forcing you to use advertising to reach the rest of your market) therefore, setting up a personal profile and adding friends is a great way to reach out to people However, you it might take you a hell of a long time to add friends because Facebook has a strict cap on the amount of friends you can add at one time (I believe only 20 at a time).   Paid Facebook Traffic  

4. Paying For Facebook Likes You can buy Facebook likes to gain more exposure to your market. There are many ways you can reach a market through Facebook advertising. You an reach them through an app, through post engagement, videos and website clicks and finally Facebook likes. You can do one of two things with your page, you can work on trying to get as many people like your page possible and promote to them after you reach say.....10,000 likes. This is a good patient way to reach a market and get your products or service in front of them.

 5. Paying For Post Engagement This is pretty straight forward. You just promote to a single Facebook post and reach an audience who may be interested in what your post update has to offer. These posts could be a link to a website like a blog post or you can post a discount offer or promotional offer to a service or a product.

 6. Video Views You can post a video about anything online. As long as it's not inappropriate like mass killings or porn. Other than that, you can pretty much post almost any video on Facebook. Now if you want to promote a video about a product service or tutorial, that is more than fine. Just make sure you are appealing to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

 7. Website Clicks This is pretty straight forward. All you really need to know is that you are going to pay little more than normal, depending on budget, for website clicks. You can reach up to 100 clicks per day if you set up your campaigns correctly. Watch our video on Facebook advertising so you can get a firm handle on the advertising process on Facebook.

 8. Facebook Apps Advertising You can promote an app that you've developed on your own and get app users. http://geekhibrid.com/facebook-ads-overview

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