Wealthy Affiliate Review
Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100
Price: $0 Starter account/$47 Premium Account
Owners: Kyle And Carson
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
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Have you ever wanted to know how people promote products online and make money? Have you wondered how complicated the process could be for you or how long it takes a person to make money on the internet in any given time period? These are very valid questions and you will get your answer through Wealthy Affiliate.
They just get you. Wealthy Affiliate supports you every step of the way, unlike other online marketing courses and programs out there. You have a lot of programs that will just leave you out to dry after you give them your hard earned money. Not Wealthy Affiliate. Not only could you join for free, but you can connect with people who are in the same situation you are in and you can connect with top professionals as well. How many sites do you know supply this type of service?
Think of Wealthy Affiliate as a social networking site for entrepreneurs. This site not only caters to online marketers but it also appeals to offline small business owners as well. If you own a small business, you know how difficult it is to schedule time to do your online promotions let alone taking the time out to learn all of the modern strategies to be ahead of your competition.
Wealthy Affiliate enables small business owners to get a head start in learning how to market their businesses online successfully without wasting time and money learning methods that are either outdated or complex. Everything in this site is simplified.
You have access to help and support 24/7 around the clock and you can speak directly to the owners of the platform and get tips directly from top internet marketing experts and learn from them for free! Can you do this with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? I think not.
The free account gives you limited access to everything within the platform. The premium account gives you full access to the platform, training and higher commissions.
  1. You have access to site owners and get a response to any question, no matter how big or small, almost immediately.

  1. Build a website for free through Wordpress ($97 value)

  1. Register your domain as you build your site within Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Free online training around the clock

  1. Get paid residually through the affiliate program

  1. Premium account gives you bigger commissions and instant to everything on the site.
Con: The site tends to have small issues with certain browsers.
This site is pretty much for people who are interested in learning how to change their current financial situation, learn how to promote a product online, and run an offline small business online.
Everyone is looking for a way to change to their financial situation, including you, so it wouldn’t hurt to give Wealthy Affiliate a spin.
I think it’s a good program but Wealthy Affiliate has helped thousands of people get leads for free! That is something that money will never be able to buy. Why pay for something that you can get for free through Wealthy Affiliate
Join Wealthy Affiliate and see if it works out for you. Click Here

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