Making money with your laptop isn’t as difficult as it once was in the past. All you really need to do is apply some practical methods and a little patience and you will be on your way to making money with our laptop. The main thing to understand is that you have to follow a system in order to make this happen. If you don’t follow a detailed system. Then you will be a wonderer and that always spells out trouble. Here are the top 7 ways to make money online.  
  1. Freelancing
This is one of those methods that constantly gets overlooked because there are other methods such as Affiliate Marketing that get so much more exposure online because of the potential cash you are able to make online. However, freelancing is a great way to get started making money and make extra cash online. Do you have a skill such as web design, article writing, product development, creating ads, etc? Then you must consider doing freelancing online. How do you get started? All you have to do is join a platform like Elance (now upwork.com) and oDesk. These two sites are very reputable and have an escrow system that enables the site to act as a middle man between the freelancer and the client. Desktop 3-24-2016 7-07-41 PM-555
  1. Paid Surveys
This method of making money with your laptop isn’t the most common, but it is possible to make money with surveys because there are companies that are willing to pay you to take surveys for them. There are many tons and tons of survey sites online. You can do a Google search for a list of the top paid survey sites. Just make sure you are not joining a site that requires you to pay to take surveys.  
  1. Online Writing
There are writing sites that will pay you to write articles. This used to be a very common phenomenon online back in the day but now the popular kids have moved on to something else these days. These writing sites are still in existence and are still paying pretty well from what I hear. You can join a site like Yahoo Voices…formerly known as Associated Content. You will be paid for each written article in the platform. You can also perform a Google search for top paying article publishing sites that will pay you to publish content.  
  1. Selling Ads On Your Website/Blog
This can be a little tricky because you have to have a relative following or some sort of high degree of traffic going to your site in order to really be able to easily sell ad space to online advertisers. You can use sites like bidvertiser.com to publish ads on your site. You have to have a site up for at least 6months in order for you to be able to sell ad space on your site. You can also join Adwords Adsense and publish ads on your site and get paid for every click someone clicks on your blog/website. Signing up is very easy. If you have a Google account, you are already halfway home. You then just need to get your site approved for ad publishing. Desktop 3-24-2016 7-06-02 PM-846
  1. CPA (Cost Per Action) Sites
These are affiliate programs that enable you to get per action as oppose to per sale. If you are talking about subjects that support a CPA offer, then you can use that offer to anchor your content. It can get a little complicated to apply for a CPA network. But there is one program that will pretty much take anyone…..this is Peerfly.com. They are very easy going and will approve your site in a short amount of time no matter what your experience is. Just be honest with them and you will be fine. Desktop 3-24-2016 7-16-13 PM-67
  1. Affiliate Marketing
This is by far the absolute most common way to make money online. All you do is join a site like Clickbank, for free, and select a product that best resembles your brand and your blog. Clickbank isn’t the only place that takes on Affiliate marketers. You also have Commission Junction, Paydotcom.com, Shareasale.com and many more sites that you can join to have a wide selection of affiliate programs to promote. clickbank
  1. Flipping Websites
The simple version of this is similar to real estate investing. You know, those people you see on TV buying homes and fixing them to make a profit. This is what you are doing with a site except, instead of you literally cleaning up a website, you are just optimizing it to make money for you so you create value on the blog/website over time and then sell it later after you have done everything needed to this site to make a profit. flippa You can join sites like Flippa.com and start buying websites, fixing the cosmetics and the content so you can make a profit from it months or a couple of years from now.   Join our community to get a head start on online business and you will be sure to reach your desired goals. community

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