Everyone knows what Twitter is, so we don't necessarily need to get into introductions. You really only need to know what you will the site for.

Posting tweets first

I'm assuming you know about tweeting and you have used Twitter at least once in your life. Everyone who uses Twitter generally knows how to post a tweet. It's extremely self explanatory. When you post a tweet, everyone on Twitter can see it. People who are most interested in that piece of content will be the ones to react to that particular post.   When someone retweets your tweet, your brand will be exposed to their followers, if they are following you. This why you want to have a lot of followers. We will discuss this in a moment.  

Content to post

Of you are using your face as a brand, you have to be careful with the type of content you tweet on here. You can get a little personal but not too personal. You want to stick closer to your professional brand appeal and veer to far into the personal end.   The type of content you want to start out sharing is your blog posts. You can post a link from your blog post and paste directly to Twitter.   Your can also post images and videos. The videos can only be 20 seconds long so choose your footage wisely.   You can also curate content. Curate content is gathering information, such as online articles, on a particular topic or area of interest.   There is a site you can use called scoopit. This the best content curation service online hands down. You can set up an account for free and connect your Twitter account.   What you're going to do here is create a profile and set up the topics you wish to curate. Once you set everything up, you simply click on a topic and start curating… It's that simple. Doing this will not only get your Twitter account active, it will also attach followers. As you curate content, you will notice period begin to follow you as well. You can expect to see at least 4-5 followers per day on average depending on how much you are curating. Now let's talk about getting followers

Getting followers

Twitter can get a little trick because you don't know the difference between who is active and who isn't as active let alone know who to reach.   When it comes to audience reach, you will have to go through a very extensive process for filtering out who you want to follow. The key to following is to follow accounts that will follow you back.   Now, you can search for people manually by typing in your your brand's keywords and hashtags. In the search results, you search by the following tabs above the results. You want to look under the accounts tab. Click on an account and look at one category, the follow ratio. This determines whether or not someone will follow you back or not. If an account has a lot more followers than it is following, then chances are, they will not follow you back. On the other hand, if the ratio is much closer, you may have a better chance of getting a follow back.   As you look through all these accounts, you will notice that there is, what appears to look like, an endless list of accounts that you would have to sift through yourself. This can take hours upon hours just get through.   This is where very useful tools like manageflitter comes into play. This great, dynamic platform sites ask the filtering fit you. Let me show you what I mean.   Firstly, you don't even have to sign up, you just simply connect your Twitter account and start using the tool. When you login, go straight to the power mode section under the manage tab.   This is where you are going to setup your filters on Twitter. Click on create filter and click on the following tabs….. Click show results and wait. Sometimes the filtering can take a while.   Once the results show up, you simply click on each account and start following. Your can purchase remote management credits, which will enable you to do this from the platform as opposed to clicking on each account and following that way.   Twitter will only allow you to follow 100 accounts per day, so keep that in mind as you are following people.   This is it. The more time you spend with this per day, the more likely idle will follow you back. As you continue to build your Twitter following, you will notice your blog being traffic from Twitter.   Now that we have gotten your Twitter account active, let's talk about Pinterest in the next video.  

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