Pinterest is a social network that is gaining a lot of traction online as far as popularity goes. Pinterest if the second largest referral traffic site behind Facebook. Which means Pinterest is a destination sir for getting plenty of traffic. And even though 44% of users are women, men, statistically, are starting to catch up. Pinterest is definitely a great opportunity for your blog to get traffic.   When you open an account, you will end up on your profile where you will set everything up. First of all, you will need to edit your profile, which is very self explanatory. Make sure you confirm your blog when you add your link. Once your do this, you are ready to start creating your board. This is where the fun begins.
Your board could be anything you want it to be. This is where you're going to post your pins when you start pinning. Make sure your boards have pins people are interested in. Hopefully people who are in your ideal audience.   Of you are familiar with Pinterest, you know that it can take quite a while to sit there and pin all day and follow people. And every one knows how important tools are in order to save time and money while you concentrate on building your blog's popularity. We call this automating.

There is a software called ninja pinner that will help you follow, pin and reach thousands of people seamlessly. It's $28 and it's worth every penny. The way it works is, as you link your Pinterest account to the software, you are able to perform the following functions: gather pins and account IDs, auto follow and unfollow people, like, comment repin and invite people to boards.   However, you should only be focusing on following and repinning. This is where you are going to get the most activity. For starters, let's start pinning boards so we can get some boards filled up.

 First, gather your pins by click to the search bar and typing in keywords that will take you to your ideal market. Click the Harvey pins bullet point and click start gathering. Wait for the software to gather all the pins, which you will see in the left section. Click auto pin, choose the board you wish to pin, add your url. Go to the options menu, hover over settings and click time delay. Set your intervals between 30 and 200 seconds. (This is about 3 minutes I believe).

You need the intervals because you don't want Pinterest to band your account for foul play. You want everything to appear as natural as possible. Now click ok and then click start pinning.   This had worked wonders for my Pinterest account. I have been using it for a month now and it's great. I haven't had any issues whatsoever. I left the link below so you too can reap the benefits of using o Pinterest.   Now that we have talked about Pinterest and Twitter, you can move on to my blog post about Facebook. I didn't pay a video for that one because it's just way too simple to cover for video. Just simply follow the steps there and you will be good to go.

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